We are a superbrand.

Selected by our consumers in the course of a GfK Austria survey and confirmed by the Superbrands Austria Brand Council, which is composed of professional and industry experts, now we can call ourselves as a superbrand. We are delighted to have received this award. 

Times are good for red fuits.

The farmer Manfred Dreisiebner is our expert in the area of  sour cherry and red currant. We were present at the harvest, which took place in the middle of the Southern Styrian vineyards on the mountain Schlossberg. There, the red fruits found their way into the typical octagonal jam jar of STAUD’S.

Blind. Marilln. Tasting.

Soon the apricots will be finally ripe and ready for the harvest. This is why we've gathered under the STAUD's apricot sky, literally, at Augarten Vienna and let our guests taste 5 of our 22 apricot products blind.

You can find the recipes that include different kinds of apricot jams here

Staud’s meets chocolate at the Julius Meinl am Graben

It is probably one of the sweetest STAUD'S temptations ever. The best fruits and aromatic coffee are combined with the fine FELCHLIN's chocolate for the 4 new products, which will be available as 130 Gram jars of jam. The cocoa beans and the juice from Açaì berries add a little bit of exceitment. A perfect delight for the people with the sweet tooth and those who are not afraid to try and experiment in the kitchen.

The new creations are now available at Julius Meinl am Graben and STAUD'S Pavilion at Brunnenmarkt.

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