The original Palatschinke for the Wiener Wiesn.

Anyone can make pancakes? Far from it. It all comes down to the right technik. We got to the bottom of the history of the sweet dessert and created the Original Wiener Wiesn Palatschinke filled with the finest STAUD'S apricot jam. From 21st September until 8th October pancake lovers can enjoy the delicacy on the traditional event Wiener Wiesn in one of Vienna's most famous city parks, the Prater. Rolled of course, not laid. And we have already pre-tasted them for you in the STAUD'S pavilion. 

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A Very Distinguished Visit.

The Hungarian composer Sylvester Levay has music in his blood, Vienna at his heart and, most of all, he loves STAUD'S on his bread. Together with his wife, he didn't miss the opportunity to visit our small factory and had the look inside. 

Last but not least, he even tried out to fill his own apricot jam with a handwritten label that came personally from Hans Staud. Also on board: our former Secretary of State and Minister Christine Marek.


Times are good for red fuits.

The farmer Manfred Dreisiebner is our expert in the area of  sour cherry and red currant. We were present at the harvest, which took place in the middle of the Southern Styrian vineyards on the mountain Schlossberg. There, the red fruits found their way into the typical octagonal jam jar of STAUD’S.

We are a superbrand.

Selected by our consumers in the course of a GfK Austria survey and confirmed by the Superbrands Austria Brand Council, which is composed of professional and industry experts, now we can call ourselves as a superbrand. We are delighted to have received this award. 

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