With the turn of a shovel, STAUD'S became the patron of the City Farm Augarten and planted its first fruit trees together with pupils of the Augartenschule. Next to our Hans and Stefan: the two City Farm founders Ingrid Greisengger and Wolfgang Palme as well as our beloved Thomas M. Strobl.

Stauds WKO Zertifizierung zu Leitbetriebe Austria

We are a Leitbetrieb Austria

As a member of Leitbetriebe Austria, we were again certified for the years 2019/20. Thank you for this beautiful award, which we owe entirely to the work of our employees.

STAUD'S Taybeere Gewinnspiel

Door 24 belongs to the Tayberry

For all those, who have opened the doors of our STAUD'S advent calendar every day, there will be a small surprise on December 24th. There’s a new jam in our range: The Tayberry. It is a delightful blend of blackberry and raspberry and hung its dark red fruit for the first time in 1977 on Scottish vines. It was named after the river Tay, which flows through its place of origin in Scotland.

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