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Enjoy Christmas!

We have already done it. WE wish you a delightful christmas and a happy new year. 
Your team from STAUD’S VIENNA 

100 and more hand grips for one calendar.

Indeed it is a small work of art, which is getting out of our manufactury every year. More than 100 hand grips are necessary to produce one piece of our advent calendar. Outside it presents with selected works of the epoch Wiener Moderne, inside there are waiting some delicious surprises being discovered. As we did it the years before we also support several social projects. 
STAUD'S Wachaumarathon

Donated for a good cause: 7.750 euros.

So we could plant 3.875 fruit trees in the Senegal. As charity partner of the Caritas St. Pölten our team went to the start of the 22th WACHAUmarathon and passed the donate mat at the charity point in Stein/Krems, as countless other runners did before and afterwards. Definitely an collaboration that bears fruits. 

Credit: Caritas, NÖN, STAUD'S

STAUD’S field day #2

It’s the final countdown for this year’s vegetable harvest. We are just picking the last peppers from their plants in St. Andrä am Zicksee situated in the east of Austria. It’s an intense time for the farmers as for us, bringing the vegetables into our glasses. Welcome to our fields once more! 

Your run bears fruits!

2=1, so our motto for the 22th Wachaumarathon. We will participate as charity partner of the Caritas St. Pölten for the first time this year and help to plant fruit trees in the Senegal. For each runner, who passes the mat near our charity point in Krems/Stein we give one Euro to charity. One fruit tree costs two Euro. Our limited apricot jam out of the Venusberg Garden in Willendorf/Wachau will be along for the run. 
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