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Sisi meets Franzl.

It is a piece of Austrian history that is known far beyond its borders: the connection between our Emperor Franz Joseph and his Elisabeth. With this special edition, we bring one of the most famous illustrations to our octagonal glass. Filled with the classics of Austrian jam art, of course: the apricot for Franzl, the strawberry for his Sisi.

Elfriede Ott at Staud’s Pavillon.

They have been friends for many years, Hans Staud and the famous Austrian actress Elfriede Ott. Between culinary and artistic delights she and her young actors did a special guest performance, created from Madame Ott herself. Together with cellist Claudia Sallangar they sang a serenade to celebrate life. Something very special for us. And everybody who joined us. 

Hearing Cranberries.

They serve not only very well with wild dishes or Wiener Schnitzel, stirred in tea, smoothies or yoghurt they unfold their fine fruity herbal taste in a perfect way. 
How they get into the octagonal STAUD’S glas? Stefan Schauer talks about with the Austrian broadcast transmitter Ö1. 

STAUD’S is dancing into a sweet morning.

Due to the long partnership with the Viennese Kaffeesiederball we are proud to be part of a special project this year, that will grant delightful moments at its best. 
The result: an CD for dancing as a little gift for men after the ball. With an foreword of our Hans Staud himself.