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Soon the Hubergasse in Vienna-Ottakring will smell of fruity apricots again when the fresh apricots are refined into the finest jams at Staud’s. The bright orange fruit are now in high season: 

They are carefully picked by hand and delivered to Vienna on the day of harvest for processing. Some of the apricots – they come from the best growing areas in Austria, such as Wachau, the Weinviertel region and the Mittelburgenland region – are frozen for production at a later point in time. However, other fruits are directly boiled down and the fine jams with their typical fruity character can be tasted soon afterwards.

Spring awakening

When the first signs of spring emerge, the whole of Brunnenmarkt comes to life. Not to mention the blossoms of the Wachau apricot which can be admired on STAUD’S pavilion in the “Blütenmeer der Marille” [“Sea of apricot blossoms”] photo exhibition. 

The “Brunnenviertl spring awakening” takes place between 14 and 19 March and throws the Brunnenviertel into hustle and bustle. During this time, the apricot jam from the Willendorf garden of Venus is available in a limited edition with blossom fasteners.

Viennese tradition.
Culture with taste.

The Viennese ball tradition is a unique cultural heritage dating back to the 18th Century. Emphasis is placed on true Viennese tradition at STAUD’S. 

Recipes tried and tested over decades, the integration of Viennese cultural monuments in the design and, last but not least, the location at the Viennese Brunnenmarkt make STAUD’S a part of Viennese culture.