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From sweet to sour.

May we tempt you a little? Just as well, because here are more than 230 sweet and sour specialities waiting for you, each one of exquisite quality. Which will it be?

Jams 37g

Bio Fruit Spreads

Pickled Vegetables

Bio Jams 37g

Delicious Pickled Gherkins

Bio Röster

Sugar Reduced 35g

Asparagus Variations

Bio Honeys

Fruit Spreads 635g

Uncooked Vegetables & Delicatessen


Bio Fruit Spreads 635g

Our “Pure Fruit”

Kren Viennese Style

1700ml Bio Röster & Apple Sauce

Pure Fruit

130g Compact Size

1700ml Pickled Vegetables & Horseradish

STAUD’S Classic

The Tipsy Ones

STAUD’S Limited

Oma Staud

Wine Jellies

Chutneys & Co.

Fruit and Chocolate


Apple Sauce & Röster

Fruits in Alcohol

Candied Fruit

Syrup & Punch