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Sour Delicacies

Discover our Assortment!

Pickled Vegetables

They are crunchy, low in calories and offer plenty of variety: real treasures of the earth, seasoned and refined according to traditional recipes of the House of Staud.

Delicious Pickled Gherkins

Probably the most delicious way to enjoy a gherkin: STAUD’S Delikatessgurken! The signature speciality of our House.

Asparagus Variations

It turns a snack into a delicious snack: our asparagus in all its variations.

Uncooked Vegetables & Delicatessen

So there we have a fine salad: a refined accompaniment with a delicately acidic flavour!

Kren Viennese Style

What makes horseradish taste so fresh all the time? That’ s a question you would have to ask our production manager – but he keeps that to himself.